Processors & Exporters of Slate, Sandstone and Limestone from INDIA.



Slate is clayey metamorphic rock that splits readily into thin slabs of thickness ranging from 8 to 14 mm, having great tensile strength an durability. Slate is used for roofing, paving, wall finishes and shelves.

Sand Stone

Sandstone is a sedimentary rock and is composed essentially of quartz grains cemented by siliceous matter. The color of sandstone may by white, grey, yellow, buff, brown or red. Centuries of exposure to weather has tested and proved the durability of this as a prime building stone.


Dense, fine grain stone with an aesthetically rustic feel & a sparkle that varies with the play of natural light.

Lime Stone

A very tough stone with a high compressive strength. It is fine-grained & comes in distinct colors of greenish-blue & warm brown.  It is non water absorbent, non slip, and non porous.



Tumbled Stone



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