Processors & Exporters of Slate, Sandstone and Limestone from INDIA.


Punav Slate & Stones was established in the year 1989 and presently India's leading company in  manufacturing and export of high quality natural stones. Our specialties are Slate, Sandstone, Limestone, Quartzites [natural, calibrated, honed, mirror polished]. The company is among the largest producer in India and exports its product line around the World to most demanding markets and clientele.

Punav Slate & Stones is known for its pace settings styles and for providing a near natural environment in today's synthetic world. Customer satisfaction has always been the hallmark of our growth.

Punav Slate & Stones has developed a dual role, with its specialization and volume production. The company generates efficiencies which translates into cost saving for the customer. Our innovative dual production line system and back up system keep our high volume output going (which means less down time, reliable deliveries that are on time, and fast flexible response to special requirements). Punav Slate & Stone is also an IT concerned organization for maintaining consistent quality and highly responsive client service.

We are processors & exporters of Slate, Sandstone and Limestone from INDIA.

Standard size and finish are generally available in stock for ready delivery.


Our Mission

To supply to our customers overseas the best quality of natural and processed building stones at most reasonable prices.

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