Processors & Exporters of Slate, Sandstone and Limestone from INDIA.


Manufacturing Unit

Our Plant is located at Kota (Rajasthan, INDIA). The famous stones renowned  all over the world are found in abundance here. The specialty stone are : Limestone (Kota Blue, Kota Brown, Kota Green), Sandstone ( Kandla Grey, Raj Green, Modak, Mandanna, Panther, Cobbles, Automn Brown, etc.)

Our assets are 6 Cutting Machines, 2 Calibrating Machines, 4 Table Polisher & 4 Double Cutter.


We specialise in High quality of Calibration, Polishing, Handcut & Machine cut.

An automatic Calibrating-cum Line Polisher(11-head LPM) with a production capacity of 250 sq.m. of high quality polished stone per day. We are one of the few manufacturers in the entire northern India who posses this machine.

Fully Computerized CAT-2 has a processing capacity of 350 sq.m. of stone per day. The machine has a capacity to maintain thickness variation of +/- 0.25 mm

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